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Hashing pdf

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NOTES ON HASHING. Author: Jayakanth Srinivasan [email protected] Introduction. Any large information source (data base) can be thought of as a table (with. What is Hashing? The idea is to discover the location of a key by simply examining the key. For that we need to design a hash function. A Hash Function is a. table. • Collisions are hard to avoid so we have to find a way to deal with them. • Methods. – Open addressing (probing). • Linear, quadratic, double-hashing.

More formally the idea of hashing is to approximate a random function h: α → β .. Fineman and Phillip Gibbons: fabulousherbaltea.com~jshun/fabulousherbaltea.com What is hashing? ▫ How to hash? ▫ What is collision? ▫ How to resolve collision ? ▫ Separate chaining. ▫ Linear probing. ▫ Quadratic probing. ▫ Double. Introduction to Hashing. • Hash Tables. • Types of Hashing. • Hash Functions. • Applications of Hash Tables. • Problems for which Hash Tables are not suitable.

E.G.M. Petrakis. Hashing. 1. Hashing. ▫ Data organization in main memory or disk Hashing. 2. Hash Table. ▫ Hash Function: transforms keys to array indices n. for most applications of hashing, we don't know what the user will put into the table Most theoretical analysis of hashing assumes ideal random hash functions. Hashing hash functions collision resolution applications. References: Algorithms in Java, Chapter 14 fabulousherbaltea.com The efficiency of hashing depends on various factors: ▻ hash function. ▻ type of the keys: integers, strings, ▻ distribution of the actually used keys.


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